About Us

Romania Active is an autonomous Employer Organization with no political character, based on the principle of free association, as a legal entity of private law, non-profit, established for the purpose of defending and promoting the common rights and interests of its members, provided by the legal provisions in force, the international pacts, treaties and conventions to which Romania is a party, as well as its own articles of incorporation, independent of public authorities, political parties and trade unions.

The Employer Association is incorporated and operates based on the Law of Social Dialogue no. 62/2011.

The principles that rule over the relationship between the members of the Employer Association and that the common interests are based on are the following: solidarity, transparency, democracy and the promotion of economic interest.


The vision of Romania Active is to be the united voice for Romania’s health, fitness and physical activity industry.


Romania Active’s mission is to promote the interests of all organisations which work towards getting more people more active, more often.

Our long-standing and uncompromising mission is to unify the Health & Fitness Industry and create the conditions in which our sector can grow. Our core values are: solidarity, transparency, democracy and the promotion and protection of economic interest.

We are committed to improving the health of the nation through promoting health, fitness, physical activity and active lifestyles.


• Growing the Industry from 4,2% (in 2018) to 7% in 2025, a 66% increase;

• Representing and defending the legitimate rights and interests of the Health & Fitness Industry in Romania as an industry, being represented in all areas of Romanian and European legislation and regulation

• Be the Romanian voice for the health, fitness and physical activity sector.

To provide a supportive, professional and innovative platform for our partners to succeed in improving profitability and grow.


We achieve this by facilitating big impact partnerships, campaigning and providing membership services. We exist to serve any organization with a role in getting more people, more active, more often. The main actions from the start will be to align the Industry.