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It is vital that we, as an industry, are represented at national level and influence all areas of Romanian rules and regulations concerning our health, fitness & physical activity sector.

As the united voice of the Romanian health, fitness and physical sector industry, Romania Active works, develops, represents, supports and defends the best interest of its members in relation to public authorities, trade unions and other legal and natural persons, in the international and national framework and in accordance with the legal provisions.

If your organization works to make fitness and physical activity accessible and achievable for as many people as possible, if you recognise free, fair and innovative competition, as well as constant improvement of skills and knowledge as essential to the success of our industry, if you believe in making more Romanians more active more often by providing them access to health & fitness services while ensuring the best practices of quality, Romania Active is home to all these beliefs and actions unified at national level.

Together we become the unified voice of our industry and achieve more!

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As a member of Romania Active you will:


Become an Active member if your company operates a sport club or a fitness club for more than 2 years and has more than 3 employees.


Become a Trial Member if your company operates a sport club or a fitness club for up to 2 years.


Become an Associated Member if you represent a legal entity that wishes to adhere to Romania Active and participate in achieving the purpose and objectives of the Association.

Companies, organizations and institutions which fulfil the following cumulative conditions:

a. are currently effectively carrying out the activities pertaining to the following NACE codes:

  • NACE 9311 – Operation of sports facilities;
  • NACE 9312 – Activities of sport clubs;
  • NACE 9313 – Fitness facilities;
  • NACE 9319 – Other sports activities;

For the avoidance of any doubt, the above enumeration shall not be construed as limitative, and the active members of the Employer’s Association are allowed to perform other activities which are not related to the aforementioned NACE Codes.

b. the above mentioned activities have been duly registered with the relevant Trade Registry Office as business activities effectively performed at the companies’ headquarters or working units. In addition, the activities provided under point a above shall be effectively performed within a Health and Fitness centers;
For the purpose of this Article, “Health and Fitness centers” shall mean the premises duly equipped with the required fitness and exercise machinery and equipment, used by the clients for physical exercise purposes.

c. have been active for more than 2 years in the health and fitness services field, i.e. have effectively performed the activities described under point a above for a period exceeding 2 years. For the avoidance of any doubt, for the purpose of this section the effective performing shall mean the obtaining of revenues from the above mentioned activities, registered and authorised pursuant to the applicable legal provisions.

d. manage Health and Fitness centers,

e. have minimum 3 employees/independent contractors with individual employment agreements/services agreements and

f. have positive references from at least two active members of the Employer’s Association, can be active members of the Employer Association. The founders of the Employer Association hold the rightfully position of active members.

  • Companies that are managing Health and Fitness centers, and conduct an activity on the market of health and fitness services up to two years. The quality of trial member of the Employer’s Association can be given to the company which requests to be accepted as member of the Employer’s Association and conducts an activity on the market of health and fitness services of up to 2 years.
  • The trial period lasts one year since the date of admission in the Employer’s Association.
  • Health and Fitness centers, companies in charge of the sale of sports equipment and articles, companies in charge of the sale of food and non-alcoholic beverages, publishing houses, reservation systems, sports foundations /associations, financial institutions that finance activities in the field of health and fitness, research institutions- development, etc., as well as any other legal entities that wish to adhere to it and participate in achieving the purpose and objectives of the Employer’s Association.


  • The associated members will pay a recurrent monthly fee to the Employer’s Association and an recurrent annual fee (see the fee structure).

Board Members